Capturing your lovely Moments in time
meet Denise Marie

I’m attracted to beauty and light. I’m obsessed with Paris. I love fresh brewed coffee. I love a new journal and a good pen. I enjoy modern calligraphy and brush lettering. I have too many shoes. I love designer handbags but also love shopping at Target! I love the ocean. It restores my soul and makes me feel so at peace. I believe in being fancy and doing special things on a daily basis and not saving them for “special occasions”.

I'm optimistic and believe in love. I love fine art. I was classically trained in fine art before there was social media and digital media. I studied Visual Communications and worked at a leading magazine publishing company as a production coordinator (while also doing Graphic Design) only to find that I actually loved photography the most.

Life is beautiful and I believe we are born with a purpose. I do what I do because photographs leave a mark on history and tell a story. They leave a legacy. We look back for generations at photographs and they are so important. It's such a magical thing to relive an event or feel something that you would have maybe forgotten without a photograph. Besides making pretty pictures, I feel that I am doing what I'm meant to be doing and it is the most fulfilling and rewarding career I've ever had.

I live in an old restored farmhouse from the 1700's and we have an australian shepherd (named Marley, but we call her Wolfie), 2 pygmy goats (named Violet & Petunia), and 3 chickens. I wish Joanna Gaines was my best friend (who doesn't, right?). I'm inspired most when I shoot film and get to travel to new places!

My favorite Things Paris Cafes
Coffee and a good book